Newborn Hospital Photography | What are Fresh 48 Sessions & are they a good fit for you and your family?


Interested in booking a Fresh 48 Session but your just not 100% sure it’s for you?  Here is a glimpse into my perspective or take on the sessions that may help you make your decision.


So, what is a Fresh 48 Session? My Fresh 48 Sessions are basically a newborn session that take place in the hospital, or birthing center, 24-48 hours post deliver.  They are typically one hour in length and can be scheduled as early as a couple hours after birth {depending on when you deliver} or as late as the morning prior to your check out.

fresh 48 amy nolan photography

With that said, my clients are either all in or they are totally terrified at the idea of these sessions and need a little hand holding.  The ones that are all in see the magic behind the sessions right away.  They know that having these times documented will allow them to bottle up all the joy, love, tears and raw emotion that comes along with a new baby so that they are able to relive {and feel} the moments over and over again for a lifetime. But if I’m being completely honest, not everyone is such an easy sell.  Many walk the fence on booking theses sessions because they can’t get past the initial thought of “there is NO WAY I will want to be in front of a camera one day post delivery.”  And to their point, I get it.  You’re not feeling, or looking you’re best.  You’re tired. So tired. (did i mention you will be tired?). And after all, you’re in the hospital…..not your ideal setting for a photoshoot. You would rather wait a week or two {or ten} until you are home and feeling “back to yourself.” I get it.  And this is where I come in.  I hope to share my perspective on what is really at the heart of these sessions and help you look past any surface hesitations you may have so that you too can reap the benefits of putting these memories on paper (or canvas or digital galleries or birth announcements).

Having been through the birthing process twice myself, I am completely understanding and aware of the initial thought process that most of my clients are experiencing.  But as I speak from experience, trust me when I say the first few days after delivery are magical.  The whole process may not be sunshine and rainbows, but those first few days are amazing. And they go FAST.  If you’re like me, your time in the hospital will become a complete blur.  It is a lovely, amazing, whirlwind kind of blur.  But it’s a blur. I like to compare it to being in a new relationship.  You’ve met ‘the one’ and your completely head over heals for each other.  Like a total love at first sight, all day/everyday love fest. The days all turn into one and you can’t quite remember the last time you thought about anything else. And crap, YOU’RE TIRED!  So now you are in love AND sleep deprived.  Trust me when I say that when you look back on these documented memories you are not going to focus on the fact that you weren’t the best visual version of yourself.  You will remember the bond that was formed that day and how incredible it was to have that teeny tiny human being in your arms, just a couple hours after they came into the world.   The photos will become a visual confirmation of that.  If it that isn’t reason enough, your baby has grandparents and/or an older sibling dying to meet them and we will plan the session around their meeting the baby for the first time {A magical moment all in itself}.  

I hope after reading my blog it helped to shed some light onto Fresh 48 Sessions and enable you to decide whether they would be a fit for you and your family. There should be no fears in documenting this time in your life. It’s amazing, it’s fleeting and it’s beyond picture worthy.

Interested in booking a Fresh 48 Hospital Newborn Session?  Want to know more about the details?  Shoot me an email at  I would love to hear from you.