My Approach



Session fees begin at $700.  Please contact me for further details.

I like to think my style of photography as a mix of both documentary and lifestyle. Documentary photography captures the UNSCRIPTED, everyday stuff that most of us take for granted. Those small, seemingly insignificant moments and details usually turn out to be the most treasured. Lifestyle photography holds the same goal but will include some directing on my part to manipulate the best light and composition for the shot.  I aim to capture life in its most AUTHENTIC form and aside from some minor directing during my sessions you will never hear “smile and say cheese.” I like to capture you, being you and interacting naturally with your family in an effort to deliver HONEST connection and emotion in my images.

I want to take the pictures that will tell you everything you want to know 25 years from now.  Not just how life looked, but how it felt.  The details, emotion and connection, to me, are just as important as the beautiful faces I’m photographing.

All of my sessions are done in-home or at your favorite family spot.  Might I add YOUR HOME is my favorite backdrop for a session.  I know, scary thought, but trust me…it works.   I can also tag along on a trip to the beach, the zoo, the park, your favorite Sunday breakfast spot or even to the farm to chop down your annual Christmas tree.   The possibilities are endless.

Prior to your session I will send you a questionnaire.   Through questions and answers we will plan activities for you and your family.  I suggest that the activities we plan be the things you like to do most , and want to remember the most, about this specific time in your life.  It could be as simple as eating breakfast together or as adventurous as taking me on a family vacation with you. (don’t worry, I won’t stay the whole time.)

While I take a documentary approach to all of my sessions, I always gather the family together in the beginning of the session for a few group shots.  Just a quick 5-10 minutes.  Then I will let you loose, step back, observe your story and translate it through my images.

All I ask of you during our time together is that you BE YOU.  Think of me as a fly on the wall capturing your time together as a family.  All the little details of love, laughter, connection and sometimes even tears.  I’m there to bottle them all up for you.