Meet Amy

Images by Spring Whitaker

Images by Spring Whitaker

Hi.  I’m Amy.  Thanks for stopping by!  I’m so glad you found me ☺

I am a mommy to two beautiful boys and wife to an amazingly supportive (and SUPER goofy) husband and father.  My boys are my world.  I eat, sleep (sometimes) and breathe for them.  For me, nothing has been more life changing than becoming a mother.  It was actually the catalyst for my journey into documentary photography.  After having my first son I became consumed with PRESERVING his every being for the fear that I would one day forget what these times felt like. I became obsessed with his EVERYDAY MOMENTS and inspired by the beauty in capturing REAL, UNSCRIPTED LIFE.

I am drawn to simple, honest moments and I am a sucker for details.  I love capturing unscripted interaction between people and I look for the pictures that capture a connection, tell a story and for the ones that won’t only make you smile, but make you feel.   It’s what I am passionate about.  It’s what sparked my love for photography and it’s what is at the heart of each and every one of my sessions.

I consider it a true honor each and every time I am welcomed into a family to make pictures for them.

I look forward to telling your story.